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Cartomizers bring the ultimate convenience to personal vaporizing - a cartridge and atomizer in one piece! 
Different capacities and resistances offer a variety of choices - you are sure to find your perfect carto.
Though cartos are considered disposable you can get several refills before replacement.
Some vapers even clean and re use. Check over at ecf for instructions - simply search for  how to clean a cartomizer.   e-cigarette-forum.com

Take note of the resistance of the products and if it will work well on your battery.
For more information take a read at Jason's VOLT Info  click --->

There are many battery/cartomizer combinations that are not recommended but may work. You take that on your own risk knowing damage to the carto and/or battery may be the result.
LR cartomizers and atomizers (less than 2.0ohm) are  recommended for batteries running at 3.7v
SR cartomizers and atomizers (above 2.0ohm) are intended for 510 and eGo style batteries.

Please note - due to the nature of cartomizers and atomizers they are only guaranteed against DOA.

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BOGE 510D Cartomizer (5) BOGE 510XL Cartomizers LSOV Smoktech eGo LR Cartomizer Kit
Cost: $5.00
In Stock
Cost: $5.00
In Stock
Cost: $32.50
In Stock
SR or LR
SR or LR
Start with Carts
Mouthpiece Covers Pyrex 3.5ml ViVi Nova Tank CLEARANCE Short MEGA Carto - SC "Chubby" eGo 1.5ohm
Cost: $1.25
Cost: $10.50
In Stock
Cost: $2.25
In Stock
Mouthpiece Cover
Shorty 1.7 Ohm 510 Black Cartomizer CLEARANCE Slim Pyrex DCT 2.5ml CLEARANCE Smoktech 510 Cartomzier LR 1.7ohm
Cost: $1.00
In Stock
Cost: $6.00
In Stock
Cost: $1.50
In Stock
Shorty Carto

2.5 ml

X LR 1ml
Smoktech Dual Coil LR Cartomizer XL Smoktech MEGA DC Cartomizer PRICE REDUCTION Smoktech MEGA Dual Coil Cartomizer CLEAR
Cost: $2.00
In Stock
Cost: $2.50
In Stock
Cost: $3.00
In Stock
1.6ohm DC XL
you asked
Smoktech XL 1.7ohm Cartomizers PRICE REDUCTION
Cost: $1.15
In Stock
Longtime Favorite